Nursing back to health

Joshua developed a high temperature the night before last, he was simply burning up. So he did not have his usual bath, but I stripped him down and dosed him up with Calpol. I decided that night that I could not honour my work plans to be over two hours drive away and so I emailed to cancel and apologise to the client I was due to meet. She immediately, as I knew she would, replied that we could easily re-schedule and to stay at home and look after my number one priority. I emailed the office to advise them of my change in plans and I texted the escort to cancel his taxi to school.Once everyone was told, I felt easier and I lay next to my red hot boy. I could not sleep and at 2am, I took the risk of waking him to administer another dose of Calpol and tried to give him some rice krispies with cold milk, but he only ate a few spoon fulls before curling up and going back to sleep.

I was up again at 4ish and watched him from downstairs on the monitor, as my own body heat next to him was maybe not helping his temperature to stabilise. It is always awful when your child is ill, but when they have no ability to tell you what hurts or how they feel, it is additional agony. I have to use my knowledge of my son and visual clues as to what he might be feeling, but that feels like a big responsibility. I have been waiting for other symptoms to emerge to accompany the high temperature, but as yet he has only got a weeping eye. I decided to allow him to sleep as late as he wanted/needed, as sleep is a great healer, so he did not wake for his breakfast and medication, until midday. I gave him porridge in bed and he ate that slowly, then curled back up to sleep, tucking his head under his duvet.

I left him in peace, it was my role yesterday to be his nurse after all, but kept watching him on the monitor and popping up to take his temperature regularly.By mid-afternoon, I took some work up to his bedroom and sat on the end of his bed reading and making notes.Eventually, at 4ish, I offered him a bath – one of his favourite activities – and he sat up, so I took that as an encouraging sign . He was very chilled out in his luke warm bath, but then I brought him downstairs in his clean pyjamas as he was asking for ‘The Show’, which was the first time that I heard his voice all day, so of course he got what his heart desired. So when his Dad came back, he saw a much improved boy who was up and enjoying his favourite musicians. Later in the evening, when The Show had long gone and was replaced with a football match on his TV, Joshua wandered over to his Dad and climbed onto his knee. Now , Joshua is now 5 feet 10 and 55 kgs in weight, so he does not lend himself to sitting on knees anymore! So he looked ridiculous but he had a wry smile on his face and he was showing his Dad that he had missed him while he had been away.

Given that Joshua had slept most of the day, I was not optimistic for a good night’s sleep.This was confirmed by him playing the piano as I took him into his downstairs bedroom, I sat watching for a while as it was the first playing of anything that he had shown an interest in all day and the bottom line was that he may well not have required any more sleep. But when he stopped playing, and I assisted him into bed, he immediately curled up and pulled the duvet over his head, so once again, Joshua surprised me.I had been expecting to have to read him a Book at bedtime, but no such comfort was required.He is still asleep now, so I will not make a decision about how he spends today, for another two hours

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