The host without the most

Joshua slept for 23 out of 24 hours yesterday I would say and he was not that lively during the hour that he was awake.We had friends around for tea last night so, at first, Joshua’s sleepiness was helpfu.l as it allowed me to go to Tesco unaccompanied to buy my ingredients. Then as he slept downstairs in the armchair, he did not disrupt my cooking or tidying up as I busied myself around him. I woke him to try him with a drink and some lunch, but he was not keen on either, so he curled up back to sleep dosed up with paracetamol.

Just an hour before our guests arrived, he woke again so I gave him his daily meds and changed his clothes, and he asked for ‘The Show’. I was optimistic, as he bounced in his chair to the music, that he was going to come alive for the evening. However, he glared at the first family to arrive, which was a good indicator of how bad he felt as ordinarily he would have greeted them with a beam. The second family got a similar reaction and he continued to watch ‘The Show’ rather than engage with our guests.

When finally my cooking came to its climax and I was ready to serve, my friend encouraged Joshua to  join us in the dining room. She was delighted when he stood up out of the armchair, but instead of following her into the dining room, he dragged her into his downstairs bedroom, making it clear that he would not be joining us for dinner and would prefer to sleep in peace and comfort. So Joshua remained in his bed for the rest of the evening sadly, but he was clearly not in the mood for socialising, just needing some timeout.

It is a real shame that he felt too unwell to participate as he would have enjoyed the company of familiar adults and three children too. He missed out on his favourite mealtime-activity of pulling crackers! He would have enjoyed the choice of four puddings too. But he made his choice, based upon how he was feeling, and we carried on without him and had a really fun time, with plenty of sniggers.

Joshua is coughing now in bed and so the temperature is evolving into its next phase as his class staff predicted, based upon the pattern of his class peers.Now we just have to agree whether or not Joshua should be sent to school or whether he is better off at home to recover…..and so another school week begins, although this one is just four days long.

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