Sleeping himself better

This was yet another day when Joshua spent most of it asleep, on the settee this time, and his cough is now taking hold. He was kept warm with a real fire going all day and he was dosed up with regular paracetamol. He enjoyed nursery/comfort food for lunch : scrambled egg with beans and then homemade rice pudding, and both went down very well.It has been more difficult to encourage him to drink though, as he is a reluctant drinker at the best of times. So milky cereal is a good solution that he does enjoy at least.

Having decided to keep Joshua at home at least today, I then had to work out my childcare. I called Yorkshire Grandma but as her grandchildren are already on their school holidays for Easter, she is busy with them.I went into the office to bring back some work to do from home, so I will be occupied part of the day at least, if he should continue to sleep so much. If Joshua becomes livelier , then I will take him into school for sure.

It is the annual Easter Bonnet parade on wednesday, when the children walk down a runway, modelling their easter creations. I have heard many people say that it is their favourite event on the school calendar but I personally prefer the Harvest and Christmas services in church. I have attended the bonnet parade in the past and clearly  there are some very talented and creative parents out there, but this has never been my forte : I struggle to create something fabulous out of cardboard that Joshua will tolerate and that will fit over his epilepsy helmet too. There are also somemore extrovert children who adore prancing down the catwalk in front of an audience, but my son is not one of them particularly, as he tends to have to be dragged down by staff. He looks as though he is humouring the staff by participating . It is fortunate that this Easter tradition is not one that I insist on attending, as I have a prior work commitment on Wednesday and it would be difficult for me to breakaway.

My priority is to get Joshua back on his feet again ready for our Easter holiday,  which we have postponed from February half term. So far me and his Dad have avoided his germs, but  that could just be a matter of time…..

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