Not just Good Friday, it’s Great Friday!

We had a long drive last night to come away for our Easter holidays. We left later than planned and I expected Joshua to be weary as he had stayed off school again. But he seemed to know where he was coming to and was excited the whole journey. He jiggled in the front seat of the car, while I was squashed on the back seat next to most of our bags. He stayed awake the whole way – which is more than I did!- and we arrived at the port at 11.45, aiming for the midnight ferry. But it was fully booked so we had to wait until the next sailing, which was at 3am. My husband and I settled down to nap but Joshua stayed awake, bewildered by the wait. We ended up taking the dogs a walk in the drizzle at 2am to pass the time, which amused Joshua.

When we finally got onto the ferry,  where we all watched the lorry drivers and drunk party goers who were our travelling companions! We must have seemed odd travelling companions to them too! We had a 30 minute drive at our destination , where I made up the beds and we were in our beds by 4.30am, which is a regular getting up time for me. Joshua took the long journey and disruption to his bedtime  routine in his stride. It is today that he is understandably struggling to stay awake but we have planned in a lazy day , which is not testing any of us. We are all ready for this break and change of scene. This is somewhere I have been coming all of my life and it is my Happy Place, so bring it on!

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