Hope springs eternal

Easter is a key Christian festival and it sends us a message of hope. Hope is an interesting idea in everyday life I find, as often optimistic hope that things will all work out well, can lead to disappointment. My husband tends to take the pessimistic view in life that ‘ assume the worst, that way you are not disappointed’ but that’s not how I think. I tend to hope for the best in most things so we complement each other well in our outlooks .

But one decision where our views on likely outcomes created a problem, was in our decision whether or not to opt for brain surgery for Joshua.  My husband assumed that Joshua would not survive surgery or at best, would be permanently altered by it in terms of his capacity. Whereas I hoped beyond hope that the surgery could give our son the biggest opportunity to finally become seizure- free for the rest of his life. For me, that was a prize well worth winning and a risk worth taking. Due to our different outlooks, we took over a year to decide to go ahead after endless debates. 

We took Joshua to Great Ormond Street hospital in March 2014, the most frightening thing I have ever done, and although his seizures have reduced in frequency, Joshua has not become seizure free sadly but it was largely down to my hope , and the surgeons’ confidence, that we went ahead.

But I like to think that I do not apply blind hope to life, but that it is also tempered with some realism too. I know that Joshua’s brain damage and epilepsy are not going to disappear, that he is unlikely to simply grow out of them. But that does not prevent an optimism that medical science could find something to help in his lifetime.

I hope that you have a great Easter!

One thought on “Hope springs eternal

  1. I think hope is a wonderful thing. I, too, am an incurable optimist who is often seen as unrealistic or naive. But I think hope is a great thing to hold on to and I hope that your wish for your son comes true one day. Have a happy Easter.


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