The power of nature

Yesterday reminded us just how powerful nature can be : the night before last we had gales overnight. The news reported 106 mph recorded not far from where we are staying. We are staying in an old house that creaked all night but it takes more than the threat of a falling chimney  to keep me awake! But I did a tour of the garden on waking to check all was well.

From the upstairs Windows, the sea looked wild with angry, grey waves. Then I saw branches in the neighbours garden- on closer inspection, I saw that it was our tree lying in their garden! It luckily  did no damage to our car or the garden wall and most importantly, any people. So we were both up early and my husband set about chopping the tree up and it was my role to pick up the pieces and stack them away.

It is always a good reminder to see the power of nature , showing us never to take anything for granted. Joshua slept through the whole morning of clearing up,fast asleep in bed and he did not even notice the missing tree when we wheeled him out in the afternoon. The skies were blue when we set off on our walk down the town. But the odd weather caught us out again as the sky soon turned black and the heavens opened. Joshua scowled and complained at the rain in his face so we sought cover in a cafe and then we went on the pier. He enjoyed all the noise, flashing lights and children in there. He enjoyed losing my pound on a slot machine , randomly pressing buttons and watching the wheels spin. Without understanding the game, he knew that more money was needed to keep playing! I told him the lesson that my Dad taught us ‘ there’s only one winner on those machines’ but I enjoyed seeing Joshua have fun in the pier by joining in, not just watching others having fun.

As we walked home, the blue skies were back. Let’s hope nature is kind to us for the rest of our holiday week

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