To sleep, perchance to dream…

How restorative is nature? I’m writing this blog sitting on the beach under a blue sky with our four dogs running around and not much can be a better start to the day! There is nobody else around and so I can relax and enjoy the breathtaking scenery that surrounds me.

Yesterday I woke full of beans after six uninterrupted hours of blissful sleep. I jumped out of bed and took the dogs for a walk at dawn and it was simply stunning. I returned to the house to catch the news that sleep deprivation increases my risk of cancer, heart disease and depression! Well thanks for that , what do they recommend? Stay in bed and rest! I disagree , for me, fresh air , some exercise and  a beautiful sunrise was the best tonic I could have wished for!

But it does catch up with me eventually and, like in the Mediterranean, by 3pm I am ready for a siesta. I think that we should listen to our body clocks more than our alarm clocks as we all run at a different rhythm. My siesta plan does not really work when I’m at work but while I am on holiday, I am happy to go with what feels right for me.

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