Saturday night at the movies

Yesterday afternoon Joshua was on great form: he was very jolly at a beach- front cafe for his lunch and we had afternoon tea with my Aunt and Uncle and they were surprised at how vocal he was! He was very affectionate with kisses, hugs and stroking my uncles head!

We left there and drove to the local cinema , just on the off chance that there would be a film that might interest Joshua. We have not taken him to the movies for years but he used to love the darkness, noise and big screen when he was younger. Joshua and I chose a Disney film, while my husband chose something else for him that started and ended at similar times. 

The seats were very comfortable and we sat in the dark waiting for the film to start. The adverts and film trailers were endless so it was maybe an hour after sitting down that Zootopia started. I was pleasantly surprised how much I enjoyed the film and Joshua lasted awake for around half of it, helped by popcorn! He then lay his head on his lap – he is very supple- and nodded off.

He sat up when my husband arrived, his film ended ten minutes before ours, and he enjoyed the final scenes and the credits to music, which we always have to watch to the end.

It felt good to have had a night out on our holidays, as usually we stay in watching television and having a bath. This felt as though we were doing what other teenagers might have been doing in their Easter holidays, even though most 15 year olds won’t nod off or go to the cinema with their mums!

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