Holiday’s End

Today is the day that we head back home after ten days away on holiday, so this morning it’s time to tidy up and pack up. This is always a sad day for me but we cannot stay on holiday forever. The second time that we come here this year, will be in August so we cannot , or should not, complain.

Joshua really does not get too much say about where he goes on   holiday or what he does while he is away. The only control that he can really exert is through his sleeping, which can determine the start time of activities sometimes. Eventually  we got to one of our favourite places for a pub lunch, after a beach walk; he enjoyed half of his macaroni cheese and then he lay down on our shared bench, and went to sleep, exhausted.  Yet we sleep- walked him to the car after we had finished our meals, and we brought him home again, whereupon he had his first seizure for a long time, but the power of it knocked him to the floor . Off the settee he fell onto the floor, where he landed, uncomfortably. So I may be wrong but feel that it had been brewing for the last few days, it seems to happen like that often. On my own, as my husband had gone out to watch a football match at the pub, I managed to get him back up onto the settee , where he settled down  for several hours’ nap.

So we have a long journey home ahead of us, then back to work tomorrow for me. Yorkshire Grandma has missed Joshua so she’s booked in for tomorrow as he’s got another week of school holidays, but I have warned her that he might not be too lively! She has kindly fed our hens and three cats while we have been away.

The last packing up day of holidays is always a sad day but we have more fun to look forward to back at home. We are all going to see ELO in concert next weekend, which was a Christmas present from me to both Joshua and my husband. It would have been his respite weekend so Joshua will only be staying 24 hours this month as we will scoop him up on the way to the venue! So we really have no legitimate reason to be sad today, right I’m off now to hoover……

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