Back home with a bump

We spent most of yesterday in the car,catching a 1pm ferry , that got us back home at 7.30pm. Joshua obligingly slept all morning while we were cleaning and packing up. He even let me remove the duvet cover to take to the launderette, being happy to sleep under a bare duvet!  Collecting the dried bedding, was one of the last things that I did while my husband was packing up the car.We pulled away with my laden down with rubbish on my knee as the boot was too full and we had to do a small detour via the tip But we still arrived at the port with 11 minutes to spare before our ferry left, which is good going for us!

Joshua loves the ferry and we climbed right to the top deck as we had a dog with us – he wouldnt fit in the boot either! We sadly watched the island disappear and the mainland come into view. There was just time for a cup of tea with a sandwich, a quick stroll around the deck, and we had arrived and returned to the car, with Joshua enjoying the luxury of the front passenger seat and me scrunched in behind him.

I have always known that we were lucky to have such a patient passenger as Joshua, but he sat in the passenger seat – dozing, looking out of the window and eating – for six hours. He only started to complain in the last 20 minutes, when his legs were stiff, having Jim the dog sitting on them for so long. He was thrilled, as ever, to get home and headed straight to the piano where he played happily, while we unpacked the car.

I made us all a quick tea and then we found our cat, Star, sitting on the settee looking dazed and unable to walk. He rejected my offer of milk and so I called the Emergency Vet  and took him down there to be examined. She was very thorough with our floppy cat and was not sure of the reason for his symptoms, though suggested a variety of possible causes. I have left him there overnight to be re-hydrated on a drip and they will perform blood tests. So it was back to earth with a bump sadly, as I drove home in an empty car.

We are not protected from bad news or disasters, like falling trees or illness,  while we are on holiday anyway. Knowing we are taking a break, cannot prevent unfortunate events. Until we hear about Star, his diagnosis or treatment, it will be difficult to relax properly . Just feeling as though our home is not complete without our full set of animals, even if they do mainly live outside. Dreading hearing bad news, but we will deal with whatever the vet has to say and hopefully he will soon return.

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