Siesta salvation

This is the second morning in a row that Joshua has woken me. just before 3am, in an aggressive way: yesterday he yanked my hair and shouted ‘cow’ which was a rude awakening, and today he slapped me on my back, on the kidneys! Both are very effective and difficult to ignore, so here we are again : he has eaten some Weetabix with hot milk and a slice of toast and I have now resorted to Netflix. I know that I will get some relief tonight, as he will be sleeping in respite. It being the school holidays, we will take him there this afternoon.

Joshua was surprisingly lively yesterday, considering that he had been awake since 2.30am : so I had him dressed ready for his PA who was taking care for him all morning, when he arived at 8.30 which was unexpected, given his usual preference to sleep until lunchtime. I went to work, leaving her in charge. However, we met later at hospital, as Joshua had an appointment with Occupational Therapy, to review his botoxed wrist/fingers and check him over. Occasionally she has kept us waiting and this was no exception, so Joshua played his usual game of grinning at other patients in the waiting room or staff passing through, to see how many he could get a response from and his hit rate was pretty high surprisingly. Eventually the OT popped her head out to tell us that she was running late, and he was clearly thrilled to see her, which was surprising as on their first meeting, she had made him cry, so she has won him over after all.  Gently she reviewed and re-moulded his splint and then we were on our way out.

On getting home, I unpacked shopping and settled him down and left him in the capable hands of his Dad. Bed was calling me and I went for a 2 hour nap, to compensate for the lack of sleep the night before and felt much better as usual. Naps are invaluable when my overnight sleep is so broken and really rather necessary. Yet Joshua did not sleep, he was delighted to see me back downstairs as I think he had forgotten that I was at home and was concerned that Dad was making his tea and in charge all night, the relief was palpable. I was sustained by my catnap so was able to stay up until bedtime. And then the pattern has continued again but tonight, any broken sleep will be someone else’s responsibility.

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