It was one of those nights, one of those nights when you feel the world stop turning….

We were treated to Joshua’s smiling welcome when we returned to his respite provision to collect him at 4pm yesterday. He beamed, pointed and shouted ‘mummy’ as I walked into the lounge and then closely followed by ‘daddy’! He was waiting for us and was all packed up, ready to go. We had an hour’s drive to our hotel, the journey was eased by Erasure playing loud and we sang along.

Joshua gradually got more and more confused as we met friends in reception of the hotel, then his aunt appeared too and then we met another Aunt and uncle at the restaurant where we had booked an ‘early bird’ tea. The waiter cleared a wheelchair spaces at the table for Joshua but unfortunately he was at the end of the table, do he made a grab for pretty waitresses whenever they walked by. He was too distracted to eat or drink, there was just too much going on.

We walked through the city to the arena and were escorted to our seats and joshuas wheelchair was tucked away under the stage. By this time he was pretty exhausted and so he tried to get comfortable using either of our laps as pillows. He kept popping his head up during the live music, looking around and smiling, but he could not keep his eyes open long enough and sadly he was way beyond dancing. Towards the end we stood him up and he watched ‘ mr Blue Sky’ but he was keen to sit down again afterwards. The crowd joined in with the familiar ELO songs and a cheer went up each instrumental introduction that started up!

Joshua adores music but he was just too tired to join in fully last night, which is disappointing. When I bought his ticket for his Christmas present it was impossible to predict how he would be on the night , but at least he had the chance and he enjoyed the atmosphere of being out and about. Live music is such a privilege and shared experience, so much more special than the solitary experience of listening through a Sony Walkman for example.

We wheeled Joshua back through the city with his face down on his knees and he was in his pjs and fast asleep within ten minutes of arriving at our hotel family room. It was s fun night, a musical highlight, but I’m not sure that Joshua would recall too much of the show.

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