Holidays are over…..

Joshua returns to school today, after over two weeks on holiday, so I expect to struggle to get him awake and dressed by 8am this morning, it will be a shock to his system. Although he was asleep in bed last night early , maybe in anticipation or more likely, because of the seizure he had at 5.30 last night. My heart sank as he began fitting, as I expected him to stay awake all night and the timing seemed poor, just before he returned to school. But fortunately he made a good recovery, after a period of trembling , drooling and staring, and he had a good night’s sleep.

Yorkshire Grandma took care of Joshua yesterday morning and she had him ready for me to take to a physiotherpay appointment at 1pm. He was pleased to see the physio , who he has seen several times now, although on their last encounter apparently he told her to ‘go!’ in no uncertain terms. But our Joshua  was never one to bear a grudge, he is very forgiving and each encounter is like a fresh start! She was joined by an occupational therapist and between them, they completed a Postural Management Assessment, which I have not witnessed before. It took over two hours as they photographed and recorded his posture standing, in his wheelchair, sitting on a plinth and lying down.

It was interesting to see our son through their eyes and to take a step back, as their concern is for how lop-sided he is given his hemiplegia, and how he can be better supported to be starighter and more paralell. They put multi coloured dots on each vertebrae of his spine, so that he looked like a Rubik’s cube, to see how straight his spine was when standing and sitting and he showed that he sits straighter on a plinth, with no back, than he does in his wheelchair. He demonstrated his flexibility to be able to go to sleep, or opt out, doubled up with his nose on his knees and of course both professionals were horrified and siuggested harnesses to hold him upright. They measured his varied leg lengths and observed him walking too. It seemed very thorough and Joshua was incredibly cooperative, even though his smile faded over time. He looked to his parents for reassurance and was so relieved to get his shirt  and boots back on, as he seemed anxious that an overnight stay might be required.

It would not have been how he had wanted to spend the last afternoon of his easter holidays, but Joshua made me so proud how he tolerated the examination. We are blessed with a cooperative son, which makes these assessments much less stressful than they could be.

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