These boots are made for walking and that’s just what theyll do….

Yesterday Joshua had an appointment with orthotics, for them to evaluate his splints and big boots, to see if any improvements could improve his standing and walking posture. The idea was that I would bring his old, spare boots with me to the appointment, so that they could take his current boots away for repair/adjustment. Unfortunately with 15 minutes before leaving for school, I found out that his old pair were not where I thought they would be. So I had a stressful quarter of an hour hunting high and low for them, without success. I even had to venture into the undertsairs cupboard and I texted Yorkshire Grandma to see if she had seen them, but no joy. It was frustrating as they are enormous giant boots, they should not be  easy to lose! But reluctantly I went off to school without them.

I went into the apointment and expalined that there was good news and bad news :  the assistant looked up in a panic and asked ‘no lemon drizzle cake??’ as she had made a request on Monday when we had made the apointment. I laughed and said ‘no thats the good news, we have cake but… no spare boots!’ They both considered carefully and then agreed, that it was the better way around!!! They would have been very disappointed if I had turned up with old leather boots but no cake, so that made me feel better.

But I now still have to find them somewhere in the house, without a time deadline, as I am pretty certain that I put them in  a really safe place once he got his new pair last autumn. I just need to re-discover that safe hiding place. Sadly the othortics assessment did not think that they could do anything more with raises or supports to improve the differences in his leg length and his resulting posture. But they still need his boots back for repair because he is so tough on them and has already worn away the sole from November, and will soon be down to the shoe leather! So seeking theses elusive boots out is one of the jobs on my list that I need to tackle on my day off!

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