Big Night Out

My husband and I went out to a posh dinner last night, leavingYorkshire Grandma in charge of Joshua. It was a black tie formal dinner and we had a good time and ate some delicious food. It was fun to  be there as a couple and to engage in small talk but even then of course, Joshua crops up in conversation. I soon discovered that the couple next to me at dinner had a deaf daughter, so we had a long chat about that. It started with tham asking if we had any children and when I told them that we had a 15 year old son, they asked if he planned to go to university, so I explained that that was unlikely. We  talked at length about signing and their decision not to learn to sign to their daughter, who is now grown up and since having implants, can hear and function in the hearing world. So surgery had miraculously overcome their daughter’s disability.

We got back home at 2am, to find Joshua and Yorkshire Grandma wide awake and laughing on the settee! She reported that he had been lively and cheeky all night and that he ‘had no sleep in him’. My heart sank as I was very ready for bed, so I told him off and said that we needed to sleep and so I got him into bed and snuggled into him. To my surprise he accepted it and he lay still, so we were soon fast asleep, panic over and it was not the all-nighter that I dreaded. We have a busy weekend planned but he can spend the first part of it catching up on those lost winks…

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