Fresh air, friends and fun

Joshua is full of surprises. We went for a walk across the dales to the next village pub yesterday and he was in his ‘chariot’ – his three wheeled off road buggy! He was happily pushed along the road and up a steep stony hill and through several muddy gateways , never appreciating the supreme  effort that it took to push him along. But we came to stiles and narrow openings through dry stone walls where he had to get out and wiggle through and then we would lift his chariot over the wall. It became quite an assault course and the main problem was negotiating his large boots through the gaps as Joshua would not naturally be able to place his feet neatly in the gap so his feet needed carefully placing.

But we made it, we all got very muddy and Joshua walked a decent distance through fields too, so we all got plenty of exercise. The last part of the ascent up to the village involved a flight of stone steps. My friend ‘s son climbed first with our two dogs on leads, followed by Joshua holding my friend’s hand. I brought up the rear dragging the chariot behind me. Joshua had enough or missed his footing  near the top and  started to swing round and as if in slow motion they both tumbled to the ground, gracefully where they lay ,while we all laughed and even took a photograph. Nobody was hurt thankfully and we continued on, once I pulled Joshua up again and he was encouraged to make the final climb.

So we arrived at the village pub, muddy, exhausted but still laughing about our adventure. The sun was shining and our exertions had made us hot so we sat outside to eat. During lunch the sun disappeared and hailstones came down so it was quite an eventful walk. We decided not to risk the steps, stiles or cows on the way back so took the less adventuresome road- way home. Once home, we all collapsed on the settee by a coal fire , and were reluctant to move for some time. I’m sure that exercise and fresh air will have helped us all sleep better last night!

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