Stepping Out

Yesterday could have been a write-off as around 5 am, Joshua had a seizure in bed. This can often result in staring absences and a refusal to sleep, but yesterday he lay twitching in bed, then he curled back up to sleep, so once I was sure he had fully recovered, I sneaked out of his bed and downstairs around an hour later. We left him to sleep  and then me and my friend’s son, tried all kinds of tactics to wake him : opening the curtains, kissing his face, stroking his hair, jumping on the bed and he was even serenaded with a song and a ukelele! Eventually it was sitting him up for Weetabix that brought him round to the land of the living! I usually wake him alone but he gave my companion a beam once he came to, but he was concerned whether or not this waking routine was normal for Joshua – I explained that it was, that this reluctance to wake was not unusual; that at weekends, sleeping until lunchtime was not unheard of and that to be woken for school during the week was quite a challenge.

But once up, Joshua was a delight and showed no real-after-effects of his seizure. we packed up and set off , stopping at the nearest town to explore. As Joshua had no wheelchair, only his off-road chariot, he walked around the shops, even climbing two flights of stairs in one shop, and did so without complaining. He was very ready to sit down in a cafe afterwards, but I was very proud of how well he walked around, making me realise that we could push him harder than we do, as he is capable of much more physical activity than he usually gets.Even the cafe owner , who knows us well, commented ‘no wheelchair today then?’. We may well be guilty of taking the easy-way-out by usually strapping him into his chair.

I am delighted that we had such a fun weekend, and that Joshua was on such good form, enabling him to fully participate. Now that has made me greedy for more like it.

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