The day unfolded

Yesterday did not start well but thankfully it improved considerably : It began at 3.30 am when Joshua woke me up noisily. Although it was still dark, it was not too early as I had fallen asleep at 10.30pm the night before, so I had still enjoyed 5 hours sleep. We came downstairs where my little monkey enjoyed some cereal, then toast, and we watched some television together, while I made some shortbread in the wee small hours.

At 5am Joshua had a seizure, which he had probably been brewing since before he woke up. Rather than making him sleepy, he became restless and agaitated, and while I was changing him at 6.30am, he doubled over with a second seizure. I managed to keep him clean and safe and afterwards, sat him down on the bed to recover. After five minutes, his eyes began to roll again and he started his third seizure of the morning so I took decisive action and administered his emergency medicine. Then we lay down on his bed together and waited for it to take effect. I woke 30 minutes later to find my snoring , peaceful boy next to me and sighed with relief. I have to say that is  a frightening way to start  the day , so once he was settled, it could only get better…

I left the house a couple of hours later, leaving my husband in charge, with strict instructions to listen out for any more seizures and for when he was ready to wake. I drove an hour away where I had arranged to meet my sister, halfway between our homes. We had such a fun time together : brunch in a spectacular cafe – although as it was 6 hours since I had my breakfast, I guess it was lunch really. Then we went to a friend’s boutique, where I had promised to buy my sister a birthday present. We both proceeded to try on clothes, to chatter like chimpanzees and to laugh like hyenas for a couple of hours. We had a great time – thank you to our hostess  and personal shopper! – and eventually the birthday shopping was completed. It was the perfect antidote to the stressful morning that I had endured.

When I returned home, Joshua greeted me with a huge grin and cuddle, he was genuinely pleased to see me. He had apparently slept, like a sloth, until lunchtime and although slighty dazed still from the after-effects of the medication, I had my cheeky son back. So after the rain first thing, the sun and rainbow came out and all was well again.

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