Go for it!

Today is the day for the Disports school athletics competition, so Joshua is going to school dressed in his jogging bottoms raring to go. Sadly Joshua cannot wear trainers as requested, as he needs to wear splints on his legs and the large black boots that can accommodate the AFOs. But fortunately Joshua will not need to run as fast as a cheetah today, as his events are walking 25 metres and throwing, so his boots will be fine I am sure.The whole class will be out at the competition all day and I will be eager to hear how it all goes.

I am not in the least concerned as to whether he wins his events at all, I am just thrilled that he is taking part. My only anxiety is that he might sleep through the proceedings and miss it all. I am hoping that the excitement of the other children will be infectious and that he will be swept along by it and give it his all.

One of my husband’s regrets about Joshua’s disability is that he has the same tall, slim physique as his father and so, he often remarks that without his right sided weakness and mobility struggles, Joshua might have been a successful  athlete. While I understand his sadness about that, it is really not a priority in my mind. Not being sporty or competitive myself, I am much sadder that he cannot read, write or speak very much, as all three of those skills bring me real pleasure!

Who knows what his interests or skills would be without his disability? I think we get a good indication of what his personality would be like if he were not hampered by cerebral palsy and epilepsy : Joshua would still be a sociable, affectionate boy with a cheeky  sense of humour I am sure. He does not have the capacity to worry, but I believe his laid back personality would keep any anxiety to a minimum. But this is idle speculation and we are  where we are and we will make the best of it. Joshua knows that whatever he achieves today, and every day, we will still be incredibly proud of him.

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