Chasing sleep in the shadows

Joshua has had a sedative prescribed to help to get him to sleep before or after seizures, and as it was the same potion that he had when he had his botox injections I thought that it was potent stuff. I was reluctant to use it until we were desperate and we reached that point the night  before last. I was dispapointed to see that it did not touch Joshua’s pre-seizure restlessness and he paced around like a caged tiger all night long. The cause of the problem was a seizure which happened finally at 6am yesterday morning, followed by another less than an hour later which left him trembling and drooling for too long, and so I administered his emergency medication. This usually knocks him out, he has a sleep and then the brain re-sets.

It was my parent coffee morning yesterday so I left Joshua at home with his Dad, looking like he was about to fall asleep, and I met with a range of other Mums over coffee and cake. It felt odd being in school without him. When I got home at 1.30, I was shocked and disappointed to hear that he had not slept at all. He was still resisting sleep and as a result, his eyes were bloodshot. But at least he was settled, watching his DVDs and he gladly accepted the offer of ‘dinner’ too.

There were no more seizures all day, so I was optimistic that he would enjoy a good night’s sleep, allowing me to do the same. But although he asked for ‘bed’ just as we sat down to eat our meal, he bounced back out of his bedroom within 5 minutes, which did not bode well. He had a long bath and went to bed, but was too soon on the landing calling for his ‘daddy’ and ‘mummy’. I brought him downstairs again and he had some cereal and another dose of his sedative, feeling desperate enough now that he seemed to be heading for hsi second night awake.

It was after midnight before I got him back to bed and finally he settled down and to my surprise, and relief, he seemed to snuggle down to sleep. I sat in the armchair next to his bed listening to his slowing breathing and sighed a huge sigh of relief as around 1ish I finally got to bed myself. So 5 hours later, I am now awake and refreshed and thankfully Joshua is still asleep. Whether that is down to the sedative or his own exhaustion, who knows, but it is certainly just what he needed. Let’s hope he gets some reprieve from seizures for a while now….

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