Family Matters

Yesterday was my sister’s birthday and we got together at her house for a family party to celebrate. I was up early baking a birthday cake but Joshua was more reluctant to open his eyes! But when I told him that we were going to see Granny, his aunt and his cousin, he reconsidered and got up. He transformed from a grumpy teenager who wanted to stay in bed, to a perky, happy giggling boy in the car – excited about the destination!

Joshua was so excited to get to my sisters house and he ran between granny, his cousin and the birthday girl with hugs and high 5s. Then involving me too as if to thank me for bringing him to this heavenly place. It took ages for him to settle down and sit next to granny while the parcel opening took place. After the last couple of days, it was brilliant to see Joshua so happy, although sadly  there is always a niggle that excitement can trigger a seizure too. Which always seems particularly cruel.

After a tasty birthday lunch, we all sat in the conservatory together talking and Joshua joined in with the laughter . He stood up to enjoy the candles on the birthday cake and he supplied the ‘hoorays’ after the hip hips!

These family parties are important as they are both an opportunity to reminisce and to create new family memories, which is part of the glue that holds us all together.

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