Each to their own

I like to go to church once in a while, while I am here and yesterday as Joshua was fast asleep, so we weren’t rushing off anywhere, I had the opportunity to go. It was a family service , even though I counted just 18 of us in the congregation. It really is the friendliest church ever and I was greeted with a homemade cheese scone and a cup of tea. The service was ‘shaken up ‘ and most members of the congregation joined in with a reading, a sketch or there was even a grandmother interviewing her grand daughter about her experiences in Ethiopia . I thoroughly enjoyed the service and after some chat afterwards, I took two dogs down the village to play in the waterfall.

When I got home 90 minutes later, Joshua had not moved but was still wrapped up in his duvet. I gave him his breakfast and got him dressed so that we could go out. We explored a neighbouring town but then my husband disappeared to find a pub to watch a football match for his 90 minute break!! Joshua and I used our time wisely : we went to a gift shop where the owner has always made a big fuss of him since we met two years ago. She opened both doors to invite us in with the wheelchair and Joshua enjoyed the warmth, shelter from the rain and the music through the speakers. We caught up on each other’s news while she served other customers.  She talked to Joshua constantly and was never deterred by his lack of response. She even showed him the line up of bands at s summer festival she was going to! We hugged and left, with a warm feeling inside, a feeling that we had met a really nice, open lady who truly understood how to include people with special needs, which is a rare talent.

So I smiled all the way up the high street in the drizzle, then we finished off our outing with shared fish and chips in a cafe. Joshua ate his full which was a relief as he’s been hit and miss about his meals lately. By the time we were back outside, my husbands football match was over so we reunited. It was a lovely day out and just what bank holiday weekends should be all about. 


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