Time and motion

I enjoyed the bank holiday Monday extension to our weekend but I know that I will be bewildered about the days of the week now, all week. It felt like Sunday all day long and I kept getting caught out when I realised that it was in fact Monday – I was expecting  different television and radio programmes to be playing and I was expecting Riding for the Disabled to be on tonight. It will probably take me until the end of the week to accept where I am, when.

Luckily I do not think Joshua has any concept of time or the days of the week. He will not have realised that his weekend was one day longer than usual. Joshua goes with the flow and relies totally on us, his parents, to know if this is a school day or not. I always think that school uniform must be helpful to forewarn him that he is heading for a day at school.

Joshua does not really have a sense of the future, so if I say that Granny is coming for example, he will look over my shoulder for her. It would be meaningless to say that he will see Granny in a week’s time, he lives in the here and now. I always think that must make life simpler in many ways, as he cannot worry about things that are going to happen in the future. But I also speculate then, what does he think when he has a weekend of respite, as is coming up next weekend. Does he have any concept of how long that might last for? Of when he might get home again?  and does that uncertainty create any anxiety for him? I know that many people use the concept of something happening in ‘three sleeps’ but even that, I doubt would register with Joshua.

But nonetheless, as I wave him goodbye on Friday, I will still say to him that I will see him on Monday, even though I am not sure that any of that means anything. Fortunately he is not a boy who frets and he will be having so much fun with them at respite that he will not give us a second thought.

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