Struggling to stay awake

I saw Joshua’s eyes open for about an hour of yesterday and that was only because I drove him into school, otherwise it would have been for about 20 minutes ! He was reluctant to wake up for school, I think the bank holiday fooled him too and he was hoping it was half term week already, but of course I insisted that he get up. He gave me a look of disdain as if to ask hey, are you talking to me? As usual he complained with his ‘no, no, no’ as he tugged the duvet back over his head, but once again I won that particular battle. He is happy enough once he is vertical, it is just when he is still horizontal that he tries it on, but once he realises that I will not back down, he goes with the flow.

As he was pretty last minute getting up, he came straight downstairs, through the kitchen and out to the car, there was no time for any dancing to The Show before school. So I had music on full blast in the car as we pulled off the drive and he bopped in the front passenger seat for a good ten minutes, before putting his head on his cushion and returning to one of his favourite sleeping positions, with his head bent over on his knees.

Joshua tried his ‘ no, no no’ trick again when we got to school and I unloaded all his and my things onto the wheelchair, as I insist he walks into class, rather than starting the day in his chair. So he helps me push his wheelchair into school and down the corridor to his classroom, where he made a bee-line for the settee! I knew that this was going to be a sleepy day and when I caught a glimpse of him at lunchtime in the dining hall, he was trying to put his head down on his full plate!

I was at work until 6pm and when I got home, Joshua was back asleep in his armchair, with Yorkshire Grandma having fed him. He dozed there most of the evening, until I walked him next door to his downstairs bedroom, where he curled up like a dormouse immediately. He has slept all night, even though he has slid down to the bottom of the bed, he feet were up against the door when I opened it to check on him half an hour ago, so I pulled him back up to the top of the bed, with his head back on the pillow, and he resumed his dreams – how wonderful it must be to be such a deep sleeper. I am hoping that he is all topped up now and that he can manage to stay awake at school today, but Joshua really is his own man.

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