Friday frolics

It is as if Joshua needs to remind us why we wanted/needed respite in the first place : he did not sleep at all last night and there did not seem to be any seizure activity on the horizon. He slept a lot again at school apparently and he looked settled in his armchair for a doze when I got home from work. But he was only sleeping lightly as he opened his eyes when I rustled some snacks. So once his eyes were open and he had enjoyed some dry roasted peanuts, I took him up for an early bath. He went to bed willingly enough after the bath and I thought that all was well.

But he did not sleep, he was awake and calling alternately ‘mummy’ and ‘daddy’, hoping that one of us would appear to rescue him. I was watching him from downstairs on the monitor and could see that he was staying put, so he was left to nod off. But he was still awake when I went to bed, so I kissed him goodnight and  went to my own bed where I think I got an hour’s sleep before I woke with him shouting my name on the landing. So I took him back to bed and brought him up some Rice Krispies, which he was delighted about.But no sign of any sleep so, in desperation,  I turned on a music DVD for him to watch and lay next to him.

My husband relieved me at 4am when he took over and I went off to grab some more winks before my early alarm, as I had to set off for work by 6.30am. Joshua was still awake then when I kissed him goodbye, and he shouted ‘no’ at me and pulled his duvet over his head! I told him that I would see him on Monday after school, which sounds a long time off. But that might give me time to catch up on lost sleep and have some fun too!

.P.S I wrote this this morning but Joshua had different ideas. We had a call from school just after midday, he had had a seizure and bumped his head, falling to the floor. He needed his emergency medicine and an ambulance had been called. We rushed to school, just in time to join him being wheeled out on a stretcher, with his head in a brace and him fast asleep. We went with blue light to hospital where we were taken to recuss. We are just home now, as he gradually came round and then we had to wait for his cut eyebrow to be glued back together again. What a brave lad he was, so respite is on hold…truly, life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are going to get!

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