Out of sight but makes the heart grow fonder

Yorkshire Grandma was in charge last night as I am working away and I received a photo of Joshua, still awake and dancing at 11pm! I have had no updates since so I am hoping that he finally gave in . I told her that he may be waiting for me to come home or a seizure could be brewing , but either way she might be having a sleepless night. Thankfully she was not too traumatised by that prospect, even though I hate to think of her going through what I often do.

Joshua began making his presence felt at 3.10 when I had a text to say that he had had small seizure and bitten the inside of his cheek. I was on my way to the station so warned Yorkshire Grandma that he would be coming home sleepy. She delighted in sending me endless photos of a happy Joshua at home, blurred pictures as he was dancing and not keeping still. I was confused at one stage and thought his arm was moving with a seizure but she was adamant that it was dancing and that I was not to worry.

When I arrived at my hotel, I checked again with home and was reassured that all was well and went out for a meal. There were no updates on my phone so I hoped that was a positive sign but she responded at 11pm with another awake photo saying that there was no sleep in him. But I suspect that there will be plenty of sleep in him this morning and today at school!

There is a feeling of helplessness from this distance. I have left him in her care and so I have to try to switch off, but that is easier said than done as it involves breaking the habits of his lifetime.

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