Review of my blogging year

By next weekend, I will have been writing this blog for a full year, which seems incredible to me. On the year anniversary, coincidentally I will be staying with the friend who gave me that push to start my blog, so that is timely. We were idly chatting one day about all the rich experiences that I felt that I had picked up over Joshua’s 15 year life and what I wished I had known when I started my journey, when she suggested that I write a blog, and the idea stuck.

I am able to see that over the last 51 weeks, I have made 360 posts in total – who knew that I had that much to say?? There have been 4339 visitors to my blog site over that time, which is an incredible number and that is an exciting prospect. I have been moved by the comments that I have received from strangers over the last year, who clearly feel like they know Joshua now, through my writing. I feel proud to think back on just two ‘rants’ over the course of the year, which is remarkable considering what Joshua faces on a daily basis.

More recently the website has asked my to categorise my themes, which  also gives a good indication of my priorities in life :  they all have the overall theme of parenting and disability, but below that my most frequent theme has revolved around ‘eating out’, which clearly dominates my early morning thinking. Then I have written about ‘friendship’ 21 times and then ‘humour’ and ‘respite’ 20 times.

It was our 7th parent coffee morning at school yesterday and it was the best attended so far – at one stage I thought that we might run out of chairs and mugs! There were some new faces who joined us, which is great, so it is starting to grow. But it covered most of my blog themes as we are all parents of children with a disability; we mostly eat cake – although  there was a bid for more healthy eating with one mum bringing punnets of strawberries in to share to comply with her new diet, although we joked about me serving carrot sticks and celery instead of cheesecake and victoria sponge! New friendships are being fostered, it represents a brief moment of respite from daily routine and a lot of laughter is exchanged too over the course of the morning, as well as good advice, parent to parent. I really hope that it grows from strength to strength and that ultimately we outgrow the school meeting room.

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