Happy boy is great company

Joshua was on excellent happy form all day yesterday, which was a delight to share. He woke up with a smile and a shout for his ‘Mummy!’ and he stayed jolly all day. After his breakfast we went to the supermarket together and for a change, rather than pushing him round in the wheelchair, he walked around holding  onto the trolley. He was giggling all the way round and kept letting go so that he could wave or hug fellow shoppers. He just seemed delighted to be feeling better and to be out with his mum. It was  in the beauty, health and grocery aisle that while I was choosing some travel-sized toiletries for my trip next week, he grabbed a lady and smiled in her face, he made her jump and squeal out loud, which amused him greatly.

Even at the till, he stayed with me while I packed the bags, rather than doing his usual disappearing act and he did not want to sit down on his own while I paid. Together we pushed the trolley to the car and he seemed glad to get back to the car, while I unloaded the trolley. I usually, when my husband is at home, leave Joshua at home while I go the supermarket as he slows me down and never usually enjoys any shopping. But yesterday he was such great company that I will reconsider in the future as it was good exercise, a sociable activity and it amused Joshua no end.

We have both had a very sociable weekend with good friends coming round for a meal on Friday and Saturday nights. Last night he was very lively and cheeky, offering high 5s and kisses all night long until he retired to bed. I think it was his way of joining in and breaking into the conversation; perhaps there was too much talking for his liking as he also resorted to covering our mouths at several points during the evening, which is not very subtle!

He fell asleep straight away once he went to bed, exhausted by his exertions in the day, so I am hoping that he is all caught up on sleep and that the seizure activity and insomnia of last week is now well behind us. Onward and upward Joshua!

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