Joshua’s Fitbit

I am not a very technical person, gadgets are more my husband’s domain than mine, but I have bought Joshua a Fitbit for his wrist. It send information about his number of steps, quality of sleep and his heart rate to my phone! We have often seen his heart rate dip to 30s-40s after anaesthetic and seizures in hospital and we have been asked, what his heart rate is like normally and of course, we never knew. Now based on yesterday at least I can see that at rest, it hovers around 70-80 at rest.

I keep an Excel spreadsheet of Joshua’s seizure activity and have done since his brain surgery, as I was finding that Doctors would ask about the number of seizures he had been having or the volume of rescue medication that I had administered, and I tended to recall the previous two weeks only. So now I am using electronics and computers to be more scientific. It will be fascinating to see what happens, for the first time at home, to Joshua’s heart rate before, during and after a seizure.

On that same Excel chart, I record, rather spasmodically, the approximate hours of sleep Joshua has and we can see him range form zero to 15 hours regualrly. But if I am asleep myself and all is quiet and he stays in bed, I am assuming that he is sleeping right through. This Fitbit device will record for me the quality as well as his hours of sleep, which will be interesting too.

It is still early days of us both getting used to it but I have found a problem in its monitoring as he was getting more credit for moving around than I know he really did. But when Joshua is happy, which he has been very happy this weekend, he ‘flaps’ his hand in excitement. The gadget is on his left wrist and so it has been shaken up and so I guess it is interpreting that movement as Joshua running about and even climbing stairs! I will change it to his immobile right wrist and see if that seems to be more accurate, but even so it was the seep and heart rate monitor that I really want.

Fortunately Joshua is not concerned that this gadget has appeared on his wrist, so I am certain he will tolerate it there and we will see how it improves our understanding of our boy!

2 thoughts on “Joshua’s Fitbit

  1. I think that technology is such an important thing these days. It can help us understand and see so many new things that we would never have known before hand. As a visually impaired individual I am quite reliant on the improving state of technology to help me see the world around me. So I hope this journey is a fulfilling one for your family. 🙂

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