Two sleeps to go…..

I am starting to get really excited about my trip to Texas later this week now, as I finished my packing last night. It is now just bits and pieces that I will add to my hand luggage, but I have books and audio ready for my entertainment for the long flight. I need to try to sleep during the flight as I have a 3 hour drive at the other side from Houston. Luckily Joshua has had me in training for managing well on very few hours sleep for years now!

I keep being told how brave I am to go ‘all that way on your own!’ but it feels like an adventure to me, rather than something to be afraid of.

I keep hugging Joshua and telling him that I am going away , that Daddy and Yorkshire Grandma will be in charge and that I will be back in a week. But I dont think he understands what I am saying at all, which makes me sad, he just hugs me back. But the silver lining  – as you know that I am always on the lookout for them – is that he will not worry or fret about my absence at all. So long as he is fed and can watch ‘The Show’ occasionally, he will be quite content and he will simply see me when I get back. I know that I will miss him more than he will miss me!

The last time that Daddy and Yorkshire Grandma were in chargefor any length of time was in November 2014, when I stayed with my dying father in hospital for three weeks. This will be much easier for them as this time they know when their duty will end as two years ago was so uncertain and I just kept extending my stay day by day. But they coped then of course as they will manage this time. I do know that I am not indispensible and it is good for us both to have some time apart too. I like when I have been away that Joshua is closer to his Dad, he asks for things from him rather than me all the time and he calls his name, rather than mine.But I can also feel a tinge of jealousy too.

So it will be an adventure for us all, bring it on!

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