Day one of my adventure

It’s my usual wake up time here in USA and I have to tell you about my amazing day yesterday while the rest of the household are sleeping. So I left Joshua and my husband both awake at 3.30 and drove to the airport. Check in and security all went smoothly so I had time to buy some dollars and some Murray Mints ,as a last minute request from my Scottish friend.

I slept on the first leg to Amsterdam then had comfortable time to transfer gates ready for the main leg of the journey to Houston. Usually we have Joshua in his wheelchair so we are ushered to the front and struggle to slide Joshua into his seat as he wont shuffle along the it felt simple compared to that, to just walk onto the plane solo and find my seat. It was not a full flight so I had nobody next to me, and I hardly spoke for the 9.5 hour flight which must be some kind of record for me!

Again security and immigration were a breeze as there were no queues . In fact the immigration officer was lovely and asked me why I was here and I told him that I had a poorly friend and I was coming to see her and to help to cheer her up at a difficult time. He smiled and went back to his official stamping of my passport but then he warned me as I left ‘ now you go do a great job of cheering your friend up, that’s what friends are for!’ Which was sweet. 

My suitcase arrived duly and I got to my hire car easily so everything went to plan. I have sat nav in my hire car and she told me the way to drive. It was mostly motorway all the way to Austin and the only problem was the torrential rain which made it difficult to see , even with the fastest speed wipers. The lightening too on the horizon was very dramatic. The Texan landscape was not what I imagined, no cactus or tumbleweed.

I arrived at my friends house five hours after I landed and was made most welcome. I had the tour and I was touched that her ten year old had cleared me some space in our shared bathroom. After the tour we went out for a delicious Chinese meal and caught up on news- think I may have made up for my enforced silence on the plane!

I was tucked up in my bed around 9 pm here, but that was 3am home time so I did well I think. I had no trouble getting to sleep and true to form, I woke six hours later. I’m excited to see what the day brings.

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