Day 2 of my American adventure

I was introduced to lots of people yesterday – other moms , teachers, school staff and even staff in the Mexican restaurant where we ate dinner . Two things struck me most: one was how freely people hugged me when I was introduced. I like that as I myself am a hugger. When we delivered my friends little girl to her class for her last day of term, it was noticeable how the pupils hugged the teacher and she freely huge them back. I like that approach and gave me a great impression of the school. I spoke last week about my concerns over Joshua hugging strangers and how school staff respond to his hugging nature, so I appreciated that the class of ten year olds – 4th graders- were not turned away as an offered hug that is rejected is never good.

The second thing that amused me were the two adjectives that were consistently used to describe me and my visit: apparently I am ‘awesome’ and ‘brave’ which are huge compliments of course. I didn’t disagree with them but joined in with a smile and said ‘ oh yes, I am pretty awesome ‘. The fact that I driven through flash flooding on my own from Houston was the brave thing apparently but I am glad that I did not know two people had been swept away to their deaths in the floods but with the volume of water that I drove through, I am not surprised.

Last night we went out to a Mexican restaurant where I enjoyed a strawberry margarita and shrimp fajitas,, both of which were delicious. A host from Liverpool heard that there was an Englishwoman in the building and sought me out for a chat. So everyone has been super-friendly . Let’s see if I can continue to be awesome and brave today too 😊

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