Day 4 of my American adventure – Happy Memorial Day

Today is a bank holiday here too as it’s Memorial Day when we remember fallen heroes from the armed services. There are lots of Stars and Stripes flags out snd about.

When I am in the dales, I like to attend a country church service where typically the congregation is just up to twelve. It is such a friendly church , everyone has made an effort to talk to me and I love to be greeted with a cup of tea and two Cheddars biscuits!

Yesterday I went with my hosts to their church service, which was like chalk and cheese! It was held in an auditorium like a theatre and there must have been over 1500 in attendance! The service began with musicians singing Christian rock songs ,accompanied by drums and electric guitars. I was fascinated by watching the lady on the stage signing the lyrics. Joshua would have adored the music!

They made use of technology throughout and the entire service was theatrical in its presentation. The bible reading was on a big screen with atmospheric music and then the pastor gave his sermon with visual aids. I was fascinated by the whole experience , which bore little resemblance to my church experience back home. 

But that is what travelling is about surely, to broaden the mind and to live alternative experiences? To see firsthand how others live their lives. Although we speak the same language, we do not have too much in common with our American cousins across the pond!  My Scottish friend has lived here for many years now so she is adjusting but we shared a giggle last night at a US cooking programme where a Lady was cooking up burritos and hamburgers for her hungry family who lived and worked on a ranch in Oklahoma! The programme was only thirty minutes long but the commercial breaks are so plentiful that she records her favourite programmes to be able to fast forward the adverts and make the show watchable! 

I am sure this Memorial Day will be memorable for me.

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