Day 5 of my American Adventure

At home when we start the day with torrential rain like we had here, it is set in for the day. But in Texas we left the house in heavy rain , it cleared as we arrived in Salado our destination and by after midday it was over 30 degrees with clear blue skies as we stepped out of the Mexican restaurant where we had lunch. 

I have been joking with my hosts that I would like 5 minutes in the sunshine each day , and quite honestly that is all I can handle. They used to live in Arizona so are used to coping with much higher desert temperatures and they rarely step out of the shade and all three wear hats.

I’m glad that Joshua is not here in these high temperatures – he would much prefer the rain! He gets grumpy and uncomfortable in the heat and it also seems to be a trigger for seizures. Luckily in our climate, it’s not something I need to worry about too much. He would not tolerate a large sombrero to keep the sun away from his face , it would be hurled off like a large frisbee . 

It is a strange phenomenon here that when someone hears an English accent , they immediately either talk about their own trips to the UK or, as happened in a restaurant, an English person who moved to USA appears to reminisce. She was from Liverpool and was keen to know that I had been made welcome in Texas , where she had set up her new home. I always stress how friendly everyone is and how well looked- after I am feeling and while it is true, it also makes them happy .

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