Day 6 of my American adventure – homeward bound

I set off home today and I am looking forward to seeing my two boys again.  I have heard both from my husband and Yorkshire Grandma that Joshua is missing me and I am certainly missing him too. Time plays tricks as it simultaneously feels like my trip has flown by and also , things that I did at the start of my visit seem forever ago – last night we re- visited the Chinese restaurant from my first night , in the pouring rain again ,and the food was just as delicious.

But yesterday was a big day for my friend and the main reason for the timing of my visit : it was her final chemotherapy session , her 20th. To mark the occasion she got to ring the bell on the ward to celebrate the milestone that she had reached. We all went with her to meet the nurses who she has grown so fond of and to settle her in for her final treatment. I saw for myself the camaraderie between cancer sufferers and the envy that they showed towards it being her turn to chime out that bell. She now has a month to get strong again, free from treatment, then she will undergo surgery and reconstruction. I wish I could make this year fly away for her so that her ordeal was all over, but she is being so brave about it all. So rather than me for visiting, she is the brave, awesome one.

My role yesterday was to take care of her ten year old daughter while my friend had her final chemo and we had fun together back at the house. We did some cooking; she made me a Blackberry Cobbler which was very tasty. We tidied some books and clean laundry away ,so that her mum did not have to and she gave me a tour of her Pokemon cards! I was pleased to be able to help out in this small way so that they did not feel that they had to rush back afterwards.

It has been a busy six days but now my eyes are fixed on my long journey home to see my boys again.

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