Day seven of my American Adventure- almost home

I am writing today’s blog in the departure lounge of schipol airport in Amsterdam. So I only have the final leg of the journey left to complete.

I was up at 6am yesterday drinking tea and trying zucchini bread with my friend. I walked their dog round the block with her daughter and then left, with lots of hugs, at 9. The drive back to Houston airport was much better than my arrival – the sky was blue, sun was shining, there was less traffic and I found a radio station that played lots of familiar music for me to sing along to. I was at the car rental centre by midday.

Returning my hire car, the shuttle bus to the terminal, check in and security were all very efficient so I soon found myself airside with time to kill. Boarding was on time too and I sat chatting to a couple from Houston who were travelling for a week to Italy and were very excited.

The flight was over 8 hours long, through the night, but my sleep was disturbed by a very unhappy toddler across the aisle from me who screamed most of the way! 

Joshua has flown several times in his life including long haul flights to Canada and Florida. I am delighted to say that he has never screamed or misbehaved. He usually sleeps and eats- two of his favourite things! But I recall the anxiety as a parent getting onto those flights , dreading a scene in a confined space. That being the case, although I dearly wanted his daughter to settle down to sleep, I tried not to glare at her flustered father who tried everything in his power to calm her down. His flight , for sure, will have felt even longer than mine.

Not long now until I get back to my boys……

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