The American Adventure is over

I am safely back home and re-united with my family  and it is starting to feel already as though I have not been away. I drove home from the airport and as I came up the lane where we live, I could see two tall, thin men walking away from me, arm in arm. It was Joshua and his Dad out for a stroll while lunch cooked. I slowed down my car next to them and wound down my window to say hello; Joshua beamed, pointed at me and shouted ‘mummy!’ which was the perfect welcome. I drove into the drive and Joshua dragged his Dad along to check that it was really me and I was given a bear hug in the yard. Once indoors, he kept doing double- takes to make sure it was really me and grinning, there was no doubt that he had missed me and was pleased that I was home again.

After a cup of tea and sharing out the gifts that I had brought back, I tried to encourage Joshua to take a nap with me but he was not tired and he knelt  up in bed, then began his favourite hair pulling and smacking my back to wake me up. I gave in and we had a bath instead. Then I took a three hour nap on my own while poor Joshua had to watch an England football match with his Dad.

Joshua seems to be brewing a seizure as it is now 1.30am and he is still awake and staring. Now this could be due to over-excitment or just one of those things, but thankfully my body thinks that it is 7.30pm so I am still happy to stay up with him to make up for lost time!

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