Joshua’s turn for Timeout

It is now Joshua’s turn for his break away from his parents :it is his weekend in respite. We should have delivered him there at 2pm but he was still asleep after having his emergency medication at 6am. He woke up just 24 hours after I had got home and fortunately, he awoke without his straey-seizure eyes so the sleep, as I had hoped, had re-set him. He was a bit dopey still after the rescue medicine but he was happy and ate a late lunch before we set off.

It was a delight delivering Joshua to his respite provision : he beamed as we drove up to the building, he was clearly happy to be there. His one to one greeted him at the door and he gave her a giggle and a bear hug, then took her hand and dragged her into the lounge. Soon he was surrounded by admiring ladies and he was loving the attention.

It was a great response and so I was reassured that I had no need to feel guilty about sending him to respite as soon as I got back from Texas, instead it felt like it was his turn for a break. Mum and Dad had both had time away individually and now Joshua was doing the same and he is in safe and fun hands. They plan to take him to a farm today, so I will call tonight to find out how that trip has gone. In an ideal world I would have preferred to have kept him with us this weekend as I have not seen him at all over half term, but we have no choice over when the one weekend in four fall and so we are making the most of our child-free weekend.

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