Time flies by

One of the oddest feelings when Joshua is in respite, is not knowing everything about what he is doing. I waited until 8pm last night to ring for an update, expecting him to be getting ready for bed, it being a school night, and I was told that he was out for a trip in the minibus! I asked where they had gone to and was told by the member of staff that he was not really sure but they had all gone out for a ride. I know that he enjoys his mini bus journeys so maybe it was just a pre-bedtime drive about. Unlike the female members of staff, who tell me every detail of his day, this man told me that he had been happy and had had a sleep in the afternoon and that was the extent of his knowledge, as he was working with another child. I know that I will get full detail tonight in his diary, which is always very thorough, of every moment of each day of his stay but last night I had to make do with that. If I was an anxious mother, I might have called back again later to check that he was back from his trip but I know that he is in safe hands so I did not hassle them again.

Joshua will go straight to school from there and his haf term break is over. So our respite weekend includes Monday morning, which meant that we have been able to stay away for an extra night and are travelling home early this morning as it was too sunny to contemplate packing, cleaning and driving last night. So we have been treated to a long weekend ‘off’. I have told Yorkshire Grandma that I will meet him from school tonight  as I have missed him, but she will take over on Tuesday and Wednesday, as we resume our school/work regime.

Time plays tricks on us : thats half term whizzed by and now we are in the final countdown to the long summer holiday with just about 6 weeks left of this school year, so where did that time go? It flies by, while we are not looking!

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