All Back together again

It felt as though I had not seen Joshua for ages and so I left work early so that I could meet him from school, rather than asking Yorkshire Grandma.His homecoming was like a mardi gras, he was so excited and was clearly happy to be home again After lots of hugs and smiles, Joshua of course wanted to become re-acquainted with The Show – after all he had not watched it since Friday afternoon! He sat enraptured, as though he was watching it for the first time, while I read his detailed diary from his respite provision. They write an excellent account of the weekend, full of detail that I like to know such as how well he ate, what activities he engaged in – they took him to a Farm on Saturday and a garden on Sunday it seems – , how much he slept and the mood he was in.

I also have the Fitbit’s estimate of Joshua’s sleep pattern to compare and now I have more faith in its accuracy as it confirmed last Friday that he slept for 9 hours and 13 minutes all in the day from 06.17, after his seizure and then I administered his emergency medication at 6am. It shows that he had around twelve hours sleep on Saturday and Sunday, which would be normal for a weekend. I analyse trends of data as part of my job and so I have a fascination with this type of information. I can add it to my Excel spreadsheet that monitors Joshua’s seizure activity. It represents a great record to look back on when Doctors ask how his seizures have been, rather than relying upon my recall which was always good for the previous week but was distorted much further away than that.

After Joshua had eaten his tea, he had a bath and hair wash and he was still smiling. They had worn him out both at respite and school, so he was tucked up in bed pretty early, despite it being a light evening outside. He usually takes a while to adjust after a school holiday, so we will see if he can stay awake at school, it sounds as though he managed it yesterday, although he does not arrive until after 10.30 after respite so he was just in time for some toast at snack time then a swim before lunch. What a life my son has!

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