Summer sunshine

We have had a run of warm, sunny days which generally make people relax, feel better and smile a lot more.I have made the most of it by cycling the 2-3 miles to work which is a great start to the day. But the heat can be a trigger for Joshua’s seizures so it is a mixed blessing often. He does not really like the heat and tends to avoid going outside in it if he can when it is warm, he would not thank us for baking in the sun on  Copacabana beach!  He has been to Florida a few times in his life already and he does not appreciate the sunshine there at all, it somehow makes him droop in the heat and then often results in seizure activity.

Joshua’s very first seizure as a baby was related to a high temperature : we had taken him out to a firework display on a cold November 5th and had wrapped him up warm in several layers to enjoy his first Bonfire Night. He had been unimpressed by the fireworks and had got cold, so when we got home we had warmed him up suddenly in front of the fire. The next thing that happened was a seizure on the snug floor in front of the fire and it was truly terrifying, as we did not know what was going on. Doctors did not use the word epilepsy then, but it was a febrile convulsion brought on by a high temperature. But it gave us a taste of what was to come.

The problem is that Joshua does not take preventative action that other children would : he has always been a poor drinker and so he can quickly get dehydrated. We used to laughingly describe him as a camel as he will drink enough to store and then not drink much at all for a couple of days. It has become the norm now so I do not stress as much about it as I used to, but that will not help him cope in the summer. I tend to give him liquidy foodstuffs like yogurt and fruit to try to top him up. Also he cannot remove his own jumper, so if he is too warm, he will simply get hotter and hotter and not even indicate that he would like his jumper to be removed, so we need to be vigilant on his behalf.

So we just need to be extra-aware during the sunnier days, but fortunately, looking out of the window now, the brief heatwave has gone away and so Joshua will be relieved, even if others are disappointed

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