The one where Joshua was naughty

I attended school assembly yesterday and as I arrived at school, Joshua was walking back from his swimming class with his TA and a classmate. He was thrilled to see me and gave me a bear hug in the corridor then grabbed my hand as we walked to his classroom then onto the assembly hall. He kept showing staff that his mummy had arrived and would not let go of my hand, which is a fabulous reaction, I know that not all parents are that lucky. I am not really sure if he had been that cheeky all day or if my presence had set him off but….

He was so giddy in assembly that he would not sit down, he just stood at the side, jigging up and down and hugging staff and beaming. The teacher at the front was showing a video of the Queen’s birthday celebrations and Joshua went up to the front of the hall and took her microphone away from her and he gave his own garbled address briefly before she rescued it back! Then he went to the back of the hall and opened the door and escaped out into the school corridors. He was bursting with mischief.

I have been to so many assemblies where he has been so sleepy after swimming and a full week of school, so I enjoyed this ‘naughty Josh’. He was retrieved back and two classmates were assigned as bouncers, to attend the door and to ensure that he did not escape again. Both girls were firm but fair with him and of course, he loved their attention and they adored the responsibility. I was so glad to be there to witness it, rather than reading about it later in his home/school diary.

I have to admit to loving it when Joshua is lively and exercises his free will. I can recall telling the health visitor when he was just a toddler that I hoped that he grew up to be naughty, as it would show that he had spirit and thats exactly what he showed in assembly yesterday afternoon. He was indeed a zesty guy in front of all seniors. So often he is passive and has things done to him, but I love that he is now in a school where he can steal the microphone for a moment and not get into trouble, but to actively be encouraged to do so. For some children it is considered  to be a success if they behave well and sit still during assembly, but for our Joshua, I consider it to be a  success if he is active and engaged in the weekly event. What a great end to the first week back after half term holidays.

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