The One when Dad came home

My husband got back from a week away last night and he was disappointed by the welcome that Joshua gave him : apparently it was nothing like as enthusiastic as when I came back from Texas or when Joshua sees Yorkshire Grandma! There is nothing I can do about that as Joshua is his own person and has his own feelings. He asked a couple of times for ‘Daddy’ while he was away but no more and it was hard to say with any honesty, that he had really missed him. He did not hover around family photographs and point out his daddy like he did for mummy while I was away.

Joshua is all about the here and now, he does not worry about things that have happened in the past and neither does he show anxiety about the future, he simply lives for the moment. He is not phased by new experiences, but is generally accepting as if to say ‘Right, this is what we are doing today is it?’ which is very helpful. It means that he does not get upset with changes to routine, unlike many of his schoolmates.He does not require endless countdowns to big events like hospital visits or holidays to prepare him. He is very accepting of change. He had a gradual introduction to his respite provision throughout the winter of last year, even though I had told them that he would be fine staying overnight immediately, so long as he had female attention, he would not fret. But they have a standard process and were surprised just how quickly he settled in, as though he has always gone there, and he has already got under their skin too.

I used to worry at the end of the school year when he had to say goodbye to one Teaching Assisitant and welcome another into his life in September. He seemed to adore the current one, showering her with hugs and smiles, so I would anticipate a difficult transition. But then he has been surprisingly fickle: he has easily moved from one to the other, without hardly a backward glance and while he will smile at ex-TAs in the corridor, many have no longer been treated to his hugs and attention. So I no longer worry about that handover that takes place at the start of the Autumn term and this week is the one when staff all find out where they will be working next academic year. Joshua has also shown that if he does not approve of the staffing choices that are made for him, he will simply select his favourite and adopt them instead.

Joshua’s laid-back nature is one of the many blessings that I count everyday.

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