The one where Joshua is unpredictable

Joshua was up early yesterday, with me before 5am, and so inevitably he had his first seizure at 5.45am, followed by another nearer 7am. After two restless nights of not sleeping properly, this came as no real surprise to me. But what was surprising was the good recovery that he made and he was very jolly as I got him dressed and so he was packed off to school, with a cautionary note. I was on edge at work, half-expecting a phone call  to advise me of a third seizure, but none came.

I was in school after lunch and was pleasantly surprised to be greeted with a huge grin and to be told that he had been ‘in and out’ all morning, but that was still an improvement on what I had expected. We had driven from school to Occupational Therapy to check his splint for his arm and even though he had not seen the therapist for 5 weeks, he was delighted to see her and responded very postively there too.

We were back home again before 5pm and Joshua was most disturbed that there was no sign of his tea being made in the kitchen. He ate snacks until Yorkshire Grandma arrived an hour later, to the rescue, with steaming fish and chips for his tea – what a treat! While he tucked in, my husband and I finished getting ready to go out for the evening as we were at a work dinner. It was a fun evening , with plenty of laughs with good company and I chauffeured us home. I was stunned to arrive home at 11.30pm, on a school night, to find Joshua wide awake in his armchair , enjoying The Show and laughing away. Apparently he had refused to sleep all night and still his eyes were threatening the arrival of an imminent seizure, which would be the third disturbed night in a row.

So I took him immediately next door to his downstairs bedroom, and snuggled in next to him, trying to convince him that now that his mummy was home, he could finally give in to sleep. But he had other ideas and I had over an hour of wrestling him to the bed and being pinched. I eventually let him wriggle out of bed soon after 1am and he had some cereal with warm milk in the snug. Soon after 2am, the anticpated seizure arrived and this time I did not hesitate with the emergency medication and thankfully, he was alseep within a couple of minutes, such was his level of exhaustion already. When he does eventually awake, he is going to feel like it is his morning after, so he may well be matched with his father’s sore head.

So that is not a great start to his weekend, although he has recently been follwoing a Thursday/Friday pattern again. Lets just hope that is the end of this cluster, so that he can enjoy his weekend and start afresh at school on Monday.

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