I am usually good at managing on very little sleep but with just two – three hours on Thursday night, after two more disturbed nights before, I was struggling yesterday. After administering his resscue medication, Joshua thankfully did sleep so I got off myself around 3am , as I sat up watching him for  a while as I wanted to ensure that he was not going to have another seizure. I was up at 5.30am, as usual, despite this  and I had to leave home, for a work commitment, at 6.30. So I took my husband an early cup of tea in bed, just as I was leaving and warned him that he was in charge and to listen out for Joshua who was downstairs.

I was stuck with a blinding headache all day, which began to make me feel sick and to see red, as it made me rather snappy. So when I got back home around midday, I headed back to bed for an hour’s nap to see if that would clear it, but sadly it did not. I was greeted by  a warm smile from Joshua when I re-emerged, as he seemed to be relieved to see that I had not left him alone with Dad for another week!

I consider that I can function pretty well on four hours sleep but my body objects to much less, which is fair enough.I was ready for my bed at 9.30 last night and as Joshua and I snuggled down on the settee together, closing our eyes, my husband sent us to bed to be more comfortable and not to be disturbed in a another couple of hours, when we would inevitably wake up uncomfortable and disoriented.. Sadly Joshua got his second wind upstairs, once I had changed him into his Pyjamas and insisted on a bath before bed. Of course I obliged, but I was concerned that it was one of those delaying bedtime tactics that I had read about. But thankfully, he snuggled down as quickly as I did after his bath and we were soon in the land of Nod. If he is true to form now, he will have a dcent run of 12 hours+ nights of sleep to re-set his internal clock, provided that the dreaded seizures stay away for a spell! And I am reset too as I enjoyed six hours of undisturbed sleep last night so I am , once again, raring to go!

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