Coffee, cake and chatter

Today is the penultimate Parent Coffee morning of this academic year, so I have been busy baking last night and this morning to tempt more parents with homemade treats. I never know how many parents will attend so it is always tricky to judge how many cakes to prepare. What I do know is that there is usually a small queue of staff at midday to gather up any leftovers, so there has never been any waste so far.

I have been trying to recruit new visitors over the last couple of weeks and I hope to take some photographs today for the school website and noticeboard. Many mums that I have spoken to have felt intimidated by the concept of a coffee morning and walking into an imagined room full of strangers. So I want to show that we are friendly and informal, as well as not such a large crowd that feels overwhelming when you know nobody. Several of the mothers that I have called on the telephone have described themselves as being ‘anti-social’, which is rather sad. I wonder if they have always had that personality or if it is as a result of parenting a child with special needs that has lead them to withdraw, to become shrinking violets? We feel different to ‘normal’ parents and face different challenges, but that is something that we all have in common even though our children’s disabilities are so varied.

We usually cover a wide range of topics and I am sure that this morning’s referendum result will be discussed today and I am expecting to hear some wide ranging views. I have explained that the discussions are not all doom and gloom, special needs parents all feling victimised and alone. It is quite the opposite, the debates are helpful and often empowering and advice is regularly shared. There has been talk of extending the group beyond daytime coffee to a night out together, so let’s see how that idea progresses today.

I am looking forward to this morning, so had better get a wriggle on…..

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