Sleep walking 

One of the upsides of the sleep deprivation that Joshua gives me, is that I have no difficulty in falling asleep as soon as my head hits my pillow. I never lie staring at the ceiling trying to get off to sleep at night. But it also means that I fall into a deep sleep , and so I do not hear noises that I would usually be alert to: last night, Joshua was shattered after school, as he often is by Friday, and so he nodded off in the armchair after his tea. I walked him to his downstairs bed where he re- settled and resumed his repose.

I went to bed myself around 11.30 and immediately fell into my deep sleep. I was awoken at 3am to find a smiling Joshua at my doorway. He had climbed the stairs himself and had sought me out, looking very pleased with himself. He climbed into my bed, curled up and went back to sleep, so he was just lonely ,cold or felt a seizure coming and did not want to be alone.

My concern is that he had used the stairs unattended, with wobbling legs as he was not wearing his splints in bed. I have been given an epilepsy bed alarm which goes under his mattress ,to alert me to when he was having the jerking movements of a seizure. But I have never been able to get the sensitivity level set correctly and it was buzzing whenever he turned over or moved. I would go rushing in when the alarm sounded, only to be greeted with one of Joshua’s stares , wondering what on earth I was doing!? Consequently it has been turned off for some time now.

Perhaps I should re- visit it ,as at least last night it would have alerted me to the fact that he had got out of bed . It does not bear thinking about if Joshua last night had experienced a seizure on the stairs alone, as he would have come crashing down. I really need to be on duty at night as well as in the day, so I need to use technology to help me to do that .

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