Sunny Saturday Fun

Joshua had a sociable day yesterday, so he might need to recover and stay in bed for much of today! It began with a few hours out with his PA in the morning, he was grinning as she reversed out of the drive. They went to a school summer fair and apparently he was not impressed when he pulled up into the car park, on a Saturday!! He was not alone in his despair, apparently there was another little boy crying in the car park! But both went in and both had fun, he went on the tombola, ate some snacks, ignored a few members of staff and pursued some live music. I wonder if he worked out that it was the weekend and that he should not have been there, doing overtime!

Joshua was back home for 2pm and later we went to a friend’s house for a Barbecue in their garden. He was naughty there too, while we were outside eating, he kept trying to get indoors to watch TV. He ate two sausages but he was not very sociable, choosing to sit indoors rather than staying with us. Then we walked a mile down  the country lanes, Joshua in his wheelchair, to a local brewery’s Open Day. Joshua and I sat in the beer garden and watched the musicians play, neither of us partaking in the beer!: Joshua was jigging in his wheelchair and so it was not long before a stranger asked us to dance with her. Joshua allowed her to hold his hand while they danced together and then he lead her off to explore the brewery buildings. I stayed close by and worried once again about Joshua’s lack of awareness of Stranger Danger, but he was never out of my sight and he kept hugging to reassure me.  It was still light, a beautiful evening, when we walked back and Joshua was giddy and happy, having enjoyed his Saturday night out.


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