The Waiting Game

Well Joshua survived at school yesterday, despite my niggle, but he is still brewing that seizure that has now kept him awake for three nights in a row. I got home at 8.30 pm and Yorkshire Grandma had him bathed and in bed, but he was still awake. I read in his home/ school diary that he had refused to sit down all day and that he had been stubborn at school, using his strength to refuse to go where he was asked. It is as though his head is scrambled and he cannot settle. I predict that there will be a seizure looming today as Thursday has become one of his favourite fitting days of the week.

I left him lying in bed with Lion King playing, while I got myself something to eat and got into my pyjamas. After a while he was shouting for me on the monitor , so I took him some Rice Krispies upstairs and read him a story, explaining that mummy was ready for bed too! He had another bedtime story and lights went out again. Around midnight I resorted to a dose of sedative, designed for this very occasion and I lay next to him to remind him what sleep looked like. After having had my hair yanked repeatedly , I left him alone to go to my own bed around 1am.

At 3.30 I was woken by Joshua calling me on the landing and so , fortified by my 2.5 hours of rest, I gave in and brought him downstairs. He has enjoyed a bowl full of Weetabix with hot milk and is watching The Show. The pattern has typically been then he will doze in his chair and then the seizure hits him at between 5am and 6am. So this is a waiting game and one where we know the end result. So bring it on Epilepsy, I’m ready for you….

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