Recharging the Batteries

Joshua is at his respite provision this weekend and so we have come away from home, to relax and enjoy some time together. I cannot blame Joshua this morning but I woke, as usual, around 5.30 am and as the sun is shining and the birds are singing, I have come downstairs to start my day. I was in school yesterday afternoon, when my son left early to get his taxi to his respite and he giggled when he saw me and I gave him a kiss goodbye. It was good to see him so happy, after such tired or staring days lately. When I got home from school, I made a cup of tea and put my feet up on settee and I had a sleep for 90 minutes, just because I could, and it was exactly what I needed.

I called to find out how Joshua was at 9.30pm and was delighted to hear that he had arrived happily, had wandered around getting re-acquainted with the place and the staff – after all he only stays there one weekend in four -, he had eaten most of his meal and he had gone to bed by 8pm, sleeping soundly. It was exactly the report that I was hoping for and it meant that I could go to my bed, confident that all was well.

I told Joshua that I would see him on Monday, but I do not think that is meaningful for him. I trust that he just knows, from previous experience, that he is there for a short break and that soon enough he will be back at school and then back home. I have explained before that Joshua does not get aggitated and has always coped well with change, taking it all in his very long strides. He would however be more upset if he knew where we were, without him, and even more so, that his Granny is coming to join us later today! But he will be having his own fun  – they have an outing planned for him today and he is already very fond of the staff there, so he will love their undivided attention.

Now that Joshua is 15 years old, it is more natural for him to spend a bit of time away from his parents and indeed, for them to spend more time apart from him. While I intend to make the most of the separation, I know that by Monday, I will be longing to see Joshua again.

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